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Steganography Detection

There is an abundance of steganography creation tools available on the Internet. Individuals interested in creating steganography can either purchase these tools or use one of the many free tools that are available. These free tools can be used for hiding information within video, audio or image files. Each tool supports different file types and has different capabilities. With a little research, individuals can find or purchase a steganography tool for their specific needs.

On the other hand, the selection of tools available to detect steganography is limited. The majority of the steganography creation and detection programs appear to have been developed between the late 1990's and early 2000's. Most of the links to the steganography links were obsolete. The steganography detection tools that were able to be downloaded or researched are mentioned below and the links to download those tools are provided to the left.

The most current commercially available software is the StegAlyzer Suite offered by Backbone Security. Four components are available from Backbone Security and each component starts at around 1,000 US Dollars for a yearly license. The four components of the security package are:

  • StegAlyzerAS - the artifact scanner which detects files and registry entries on a computer that are associated with steganography creation tools.
  • StegAlyzerSS - the signature scanner which claims that it can detect steganography files and extract the hidden information
  • StegAlyzerRTS - is a real-time scanner which can detect signatures and artifacts on a network
  • Certified Steganography Examiner Training - is a two day comprehensive course which will teach you how to effectively detect and extract steganography using these tools mentioned above. The tools are purchased separately.

In the January 16th, 2008 article "Enhanced Steganography Detection Tool Available: Newest Version Greatly Improves Detection Accuracy" written by Aria Munro on enewschannel.com [14] she mentions that Backbone Security is the market leader in advanced digital steganalysis tools and the StegAlyzerAS is the industry leading steganography application detection tool.

There are still a few steganography detection tools on the Internet that are considered freeware. The steganography detection software links that were still functional included:

  • 2 Mosaic - which is a small command line utility that will divide a JPEG image into smaller images, write the required HTML code and reconstruct the image on the Internet so that the image cannot be illegally copied without the owners consent. The 2 Mosaic program will use the original JPEG name and create smaller files with the same name. The size of the smaller files can range between 16 and 100 pixels each depending on the size of the original image.
  • Steg Detect - the automated steganography detection tool which is capable of detecting steganography in JPEG images. The most reliable version of this software uses a UNIX operating system. The windows-based version is a beta version and may not be as reliable as the UNIX based version. Running the command [stegdetect] will run statistiscal tests against the files on the network to determine if steganography exists. If steganography exists it will try to determine which system was used to embed the hidden information.
  • StegSpy - is a steganography detection program that can detect the existence of steganography in a file and the program used to create the steganography. The most current version of the software will also locate the area of the file which contains the hidden information. StegSpy can detect steganography created by the following programs; Hiderman, JP Hide and Seek, Masker, JpegX, and Invisible Secrets.


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