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Steganography - Introduction

The intention of this website is to provide a basic understanding of Steganography. This will be achieved by providing definitions, descriptions, research articles, downloadable tools, tutorials, visual graphics, and additional links so the user can further their knowledge on the topic of Steganography.

Steganography - Definition

Steganography is the ability to conceal a message so that it is not visible to third parties. Throughout this website the focus will be on steganography during the Internet Age, which began during the early 1990's. However, forms of steganography have been known to exist since the time of ancient Rome and Greece [2].

Steganography - Pros and Cons

Today steganography is used for both legal and illegitimate purposes. The legal uses for steganography are limited and include the following:

Unfortunately most uses of steganography and research around the topic of steganography center around the illegitimate purposes. The three biggest areas of illegitimate steganography evolve around terrorism, pornography and data theft. During the research for this website the illegitimate uses of steganography were also found to be on a global scale, involved national security or were done on an academic basis in order to better understand the potential danger of steganography if created by individuals with ill-intentions.



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